fleuraelis (fleuraelis) wrote in anacronia,

fic: khr: paper flowers (chrome)

Title: paper flowers
Characters/Pairings: Chrome.
Rating: T
Warnings: murder.
Length: ~350
Summary: paper roses have thorns. -- a look at how Chrome kills.

paper flowers

eleven red roses and one made of paper -

She is a paper rose, her thorns hidden by her side.

In her dreams of the past she is a real flower with pale petals, bathed in cold sunlight and empty air; in that same past she is cut. He is the one who gave her life - artificial and transitory but whole and her own, and there is a part of her carved in promises of forever that knows, more than anything and anyone, that if given the choice this is the life she will choose.

The person she is to eliminate (murder, kill-) has eyes that are bloodshot red, promising wrath and vengeance even at trident-point. Chrome feels herself shiver, frail fingers curling around her staff like a lifeline, poisoned thorns she could not let go. The eyes scorch and scar; bile rises up her throat and fire burns behind her eyes, and she finds herself taking a step back -

- she cannot. There is (always, always-) an invisible hand that pins her to her place.

"Remember what I told you, my sweet Chrome," Mukuro, (saviour, God-) commands with an unseen smile that tells everything of the world, "You have to look. Look into their eyes and remember them, because they will never forget you."

It is his will that she listens, and so it shall be done. But she whispers, I'm sorry, because despite his voice enveloping her mind she is a will of her own. She whispers, her voice a mute songbird's, and it trembles and fades like smoke in the air. But he hears; he listens and somewhere in her mind she can pretend both of them do not know that 'sorry' is a lie.

She lies, I'm sorry, and it is useless. As she drives her spear to the neck the image of blood and hate burns bright and forever into her fingers and her mind.

She is a paper rose and he is her sculptor, her petals dyed scarlet by the blood on their hands. In her garden there is no need for the meaning of regret.

- I will love you until the last of the flowers die.

Because I love Chrome to pieces, and the 6996 relationship - not even romantic, is just delicious.
Tags: character: chrome dokuro, fandom: khr, length: drabble
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