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I thought I'd get this over with while I still have only a few handful of fics in my inventory, so it doesn't explode when I do try to arrange my fics in some semblance of order. Fics are listed alphabetically, and some links to ffnet, some here.

Disclaimer: all series and characters belong to their respective owners. I earn no monetary profit from them.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

chasing one in a million
DinoHiba | K+ | 1,500 words

murphy's law
Fran | K | 700 words
so he'd thought he'd just float down a river and catch salmons or something, but look how that turned out -- a look into Fran's mind in chapter 348.

paper flowers
Chrome | T | 350 words
paper roses have thorns – a look at how Chrome kills.

Pokemon Adventures

song to the sky
GreenBlue | K+ | 3,000 words
because it takes more than once to reach the sky. Blue, Green, and the ways he tries to teach her to fly.

Prince of Tennis

Seigaku gen | T | 6,300 words
you know dedication has no reward, but you see that first petal unfurl on your palm and you can't look away. a DGM-verse AU.

the devil and the deep blue sea
TezuFuji | K | 2,000 words
Tezuka notices raindrops, and Fuji is not a magic practitioner. The necessity of breathing air to keep your feet grounded.

how to say goodbye
TezuFuji | K | 1,200 words
in which Fuji disappears without a word, and nothing in ever resolved.

one minute per millisecond
TezuFuji | K+ | 1,700 words

our ribbons last
TezuFuji | T | 1,600 words
it's silly for us not to be together - on the night before Christmas, Fuji returns after a fight.

TezuFuji | T | 2,500 words
the world along different lines of sight - what do you see when you look through a kaleidoscope?

subjective, scattering, wonderwall
NiouYagyuu | K+ | 2,500 words
it's almost like being in love. first, we learn to unravel into pieces of art.

TezuFuji | K | 1,745 words
there is a bridge between Florence and Tokyo - it's the same bridge that links playgrounds to textbooks and eventually office cubicles.

twenty-two miles per hour
TezuFuji | T | 4,200 words
Fuji is an expert in crash-landing, but there are things Tezuka has yet to do – to dance under the rain, for one; to fall, for another.

break through mirrors
Yagyuu gen | T | 2,000 words
we're all mad here -- inception!AU, Yagyuu dies for the first time.

dreaming is for dreamers
Tezuka and Fuji gen | T | 2,000 words
this is the path i'll take, even if i have a choice -- inception!AU, Tezuka and Fuji, and the meaning of a friend.


the importance of being survival-savvy in education institutions
original | T | 3,500
let me justify this by saying it's an inappropriately gleeful mixture of my guilty and non-guilty pleasures and has no plan no plot no problem whatsoever. i think i lost the thread. I REGRET NOTHING.
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